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One of the seemingly most simple tasks often encountered when restoring an old radio is that of reviving the loose, sloppy or non-working tuning indicator mechanism. After all, it is nothing more than a piece of string, a few little pulleys and a spring....Right?... See the image above for the answer to that question...

While many tuning mechanisms are, in fact, very simple....there are some that do present a wee bit of a problem due to the sometimes non-logical path the cord seems to follow.

For that reason I'm giving all you an opportunity to face off against your unstrung radio with at least a fighting chance...A reference book!!!!

Posted below are links to the full 1947 edition of SAMS DIAL CORD STRINGING GUIDE.

I have posted the entire booklet in PDF format, and I've broken it down into smaller segments to allow for faster loading. Just go to the index HERE and find out what diagram you need. Once you know what diagram you need, follow one of the links below and its all yours!! I've set things up with the reader opening in a new window, so when you are done with looking, saving or printing you can just close it up to get back here.

If you do not have the ADOBE READER installed on your computer you can get it free by clicking on the icon below.

Diagrams 1-49
Diagrams 50-103
Diagrams 104-156
Diagrams 157-200
Diagrams 201-250
Diagrams 251-299

Diagrams 300-355
Diagrams 356-401
Diagrams 402-450
Diagrams 451-498
Diagrams 499-552

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